JpegXL and WebP re-encodes

10th October 2022

Jpeg XL images re-encoded in all resolutions with newer LibJXL version 0.7.0 with effort level 9 and quality ranging from 92-94 (92 default).
In use if browser support is enabled (at this time have to be enabled manually in browser settings).
WebP images re-encoded with LibWebP version 1.2.4 in all resolutions as second best option with quality from 93 to 96 (94 default).
If browser dont support any of these formats it will default (fallback) to standard JPEG images, re-encoded (quality 95) .

JpegXL Test

12th November 2021

Testing JpegXL images in 1920x1080 resolution in Tropica and Gravity-Egypt section.
LibJXL version 0.6.1 - Default settings with effort level 9 and quality ranging from 85 to 92.
-Better details on high frequency well lit details.
-Weaker in darker scenes (caves, areas in shadows) and semi-transparent smoother details (dust or smoke).

Blender First Steps

24th August 2021

Found CGCookie inspired tutorial of rocket ship on the youtube, this tutorial was my early learning path
towards Blender usage. Originaly done in 2020 before Huion Pen Tablet project, this is improved 2021 version.


Original scene is animated video of rocket ship launching from a landing pad, video will be uploaded later.
Im still not happy with smoke trail effect and will try to improve it.

Blender Subdiv Test

23rd August 2021

Testing Sub-Division modeling in Blender on a easier hard surface example (Huion H610 Pro Pen Tablet)
At this stage it has only basic materials and lighting.

Huion H610 Pro WIP Blender

Main base was done in 2020, sadly because of transfering, improving or re-creation of a old projects in a newly bought software
im kind of bogged down for the last 2 years and not much new was done to share.