Map tiles were captured with Terrain Map plugin created by Garan and then combined and edited together in graphic software to create a large canvas.

World Map includes all regions edited together to form whole semi-aesthetic LOTRO world map in 10K resolution downscaled from 50K source.
There wasn't any resizing or rotation applied to any individual parts to keep highest pixel quality.

-Moria was moved to another spot due to its size not fitting to its supposed place (place between mountains).
-Erebor was moved slightly closer to the main landmass to keep reasonable image size (Correction planned after Mordor expansion).

Changelog (Y/M/D):
2018/09/07 - Update 22 LOTRO World Map released with updated content and new grey-mask.
2018/07/06 - Update 21 LOTRO World Map released with Mordor Expansion.
2017/04/30 - Version 2 released - Added Zirakzigil to all WorldMaps and CompleteMaps. (Rhovanion)

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